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 County Galway - Sports
A cannon at Portumna Castle  

By far the most popular sports in County Galway (as in most of Ireland outside the cities) are those controlled by the G.A.A. (Gaelic Athletic Association), i.e. hurling and Gaelic football. Some counties are associated almost exclusively with one or the other (e.g. Kilkenny and hurling), while a number are equally proficient at both.

  Other Sports in County Galway

No other sport seems to command the same attention among the public as hurling, followed by Gaelic football. All other sports are of minority interest. A number of junior rugby clubs compete at their own competitions; likewise a number of towns have junior soccer clubs, attracting a minority audience, tiny in comparison to the public attracted to the G.A.A.

Golf is a significant recreational activity in the west of Ireland, and the county has a number of fine clubs and courses. Athletics is another minority interest. None of these however, have the popular office of the G.A.A. sports.

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