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 County Galway - History
A cannon at Portumna Castle  

As with all the counties of Ireland, Galway has a colourful and varied history. In fact, there is so much historical information that it would require a web-site of its own to cover every conceivable area of knowledge. For this reason in general we have made no attempt at following the county 'time-line' . We have however, included the 'time-line' history of Galway City. For the archaelologist, a glossary and short guide to some field monuments to be found in County Galway.

Quick links:
A glossary of field monuments (standing stones, dolmens etc.)
Chronological history of Galway City - from ancient to modern
Coole Park - home of Ireland's literary revival
Dunguaire castle - situated near Kinvara, once the castle of the local king...
Field monuments of Co. Galway - a short list of field monuments in County Galway
Gort library - an architectural and archeological treasure...
James Hardiman's history
Kilmacduagh monastic settlement - Kilmacduagh was founded well over a thousand years ago - and there is a surprisingly large number of well-kept ruins. It boasts a semi-recently restored round tower that has a lean comparable to the tower in Pisa, Italy!
Notable persons of County Galway - famous folks of County Galway both past and present.
Official Site - Coole Park and Gardens - '...once the home of Lady Augusta Gregory, dramatist, folklorist and co-founder of the Abbey Theatre with Edward Martyn of Tullira Castle and Nobel prize-winning poet William Butler Yeats. Coole Park, in the early 20th century, was the centre of the Irish Literary Revival...'
Thoor Ballylee - once owned and lived in by W.B.Yeats and commonly known as "Yeat's Tower".

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