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 County Clare - Ireland

The 'Banner County'
County Clare is a wonderful mix of modern and traditional. Clare moves with the times, being home to Ireland's first 'Information Age' town - Ennis, yet signs of the county's long history still abound. The living Gaelic traditions can be especially appeciated through its music and other arts, but the traditions also still survive in other areas i.e. clothing and foods manufacture and lifestyle. County Clare is also one of the areas in Ireland where many of the region's inhabitants still use Gaelic as their everyday language.

With the world's continual interest in all things Irish, Clare's cultural heritage is proving to be very popular with visitors. Consequently some of the villages and towns of Clare (i.e. Doolin, Miltown Malbay) are becoming world famous for the traditional music and musicians to be heard here.

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Mountain AvensPhotographer: Dave Powell, USDA Forest Service

As well as its cultural offerings, County Clare also provides some spectacular scenery.

Within the region's borders are to be found some diverse features and odd quirks of nature. One place you must include on any tour of the 'Banner County' are the Cliffs of Moher - some of the highest sea-cliffs in Europe.

To witness a species of Alpine flora living almost at sea-level ( Mountain Avens ) and a landscape like no other, then you will have to take time to explore the 'Burren', a karst limestone region covering a large area of County Clare.

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County Clare is almost an island, with Galway Bay to the north, the Atlantic to the west and the Shannon Estuary and River, to the south and east.

Ennis, the county town, though expanding and modernising, at its centre maintains an air of antiquity, attributable to the narrow and (some) cobbled streets in part, but also to the many well-preserved old buildings and ruins.

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The BurrenThere are plenty of opportunitys for scenic walks (and drives) suitable for all ages and aptitudes. (Or try horse and wagon instead!)

You may well recognise various parts of County Clare already, as some of the television comedy series Father Ted, was filmed around the region.

If you're from Clare or descendant of someone from Clare then pay a Visit to our genealogy pages to view past visitor's family details on the message boards. More information...

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Overlooking Lough Derg, County Clare, Ireland

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