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 County Clare - Flora

This list contains flora less likely to be found in other counties of Ireland or only to be found in County Clare. A wide variety of flora exists within the region and some unlikely inhabitants can be found, especially within the area known as 'The Burren'; an area of raised limestone covering a large proportion of West Clare. 

  Common name  
Latin name
Flowering time
Blackthorn   Prunus spinosa   March  
Bloody Cranesbill   Geranium sanguineum   May to August  
Early Purple Orchid   Orchis mascula   Late May  
Elder   Sambucus nigra   June and July  
Greater Butterwort   Pinguicula grandiflora   May and June  
Hoary Rockrose   Helianthemum canum   May and June  
Irish Orchid   Neotinea maculata   May  
Limestone Bugle   Ajuga pyramidalis   May to July  
Mountain Avens   Dryas octopetala   May and June  
Shrubby Cinquefoil   Potentilla fruticosa   Early June to August  
Spring Gentian   Gentiana verna   April to June  
Water Germander   Teucrium scordium   July and August  
Water Lobelia   Lobelia dortmanna   July and August  


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Overlooking Lough Derg, County Clare, Ireland

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