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 Clare (Shannon)

Weather / Climate

In general, Ireland's climate is surprisingly mild given its northern location. This is mainly due to the warming effects of the gulf stream; a massive current moving clockwise through the Atlantic ocean; which brings warm waters up to Western Europe from the more tropical Atlantic zones, especially the Caribbean.

Rainfall The word temperamental is particularly fitting for a description of Ireland's weather. It can be quite unpredictable, producing the most gloriously warm or sunny days at the most unexpected times; unfortunately the reverse is equally true, producing heavy rain storms out of skies that only moments before had not a rain-cloud within them.

Variable weather ahead!The mean annual temperature is around 10ºC. In winter time only occasionally does the temperature drop to below 0ºC and snow - on its infrequent visits - rarely lingers.

As a rough guide; January and February are more generally the coldest months of the year when average daily temperatures are 4ºC to 8ºC.

During the summertime, the warmest months tend to be July and August, when average temperatures during the day can range from 15ºC to 20ºC. A hot day in summertime could produce temperatures of 22ºC to 24ºC and on rare occasions can approach and even (rarer) exceed 30ºC

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