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 County Clare

County Clare: Road leading into the BurrenThe 'Banner County'
County Clare is a wonderful mix of ancient and modern, traditional and new. A striking example of this is Ennis - it became Ireland's first Information Age town, embracing PC and Internet use, yet some parts of the town are almost a thousand years old.

Other signs of the county's ancient history abound 'amongst the stones'. All this and a contemorary view of it in action as the living Gaelic traditions still permeate it's communities..likely you'll meet it, even more likely - that you will hear it..

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County Galway 

County Galway: Kilmacduagh at duskThe 'stone wall County'
County Galway has both nature and mankind's finest on show. In a beauty competition the Connemara National Park and the Aran Islands would no doubt tie for winner's position. The county is also home to it's namesake - the ever vibrant Galway City - host town to one of the largest Arts Festivals in Europe. If you like to 'discover' history on your travels, you'll be happy spending many, many days in this area. Ancient buildings and archaeological sites can be found all over County Galway..

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Our popular genealogy section contains family Surnames traditionally associated with or from the West of Ireland. Add details of your Irish ancestry and view previous entries of people with your family's name.

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Many books are inspired by or written about Ireland and County Clare and County Galway in particular.

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History section  

This section has information about the region's (long) history including a guide to field monuments - standing stones etc -, famous characters and publications.
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